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Article: Why Rockycay Sand Free Beach Towels Are Great

Why Rockycay Sand Free Beach Towels Are Great | ROCKYCAY

Why Rockycay Sand Free Beach Towels Are Great

Folded in its pouch bag, you’ll be amazed at how small and light your beach towel is. Roughly the size of a small book. This is so you can always take it with you. It won't add much space or weight in your beach bag. But unfold it, and magic! 

It becomes an awesome full sized large beach towel. In contrast to other beach towel brands, it dries super quick when wet. And when you’re done at the beach, just shake the sand off, and fold it back into its cute matching pouch bag, which is designed to keep it nice and fresh. Want to know more?

What is a sand-free towel:

A sand-free towel is designed to NOT hold onto grains of sand. There are no long fibres such as cotton towels that can trap grains of sand or dirt. Therefore, once the towel dries, the sand will just come off the towel.

This is possible through the use of our special RCUltraDry™ material, made from a specific soft, silky polyester and polyamide blend. This material prevents sand from getting trapped in the towel, which inevitably happens in normal cotton towels.

Quick Drying

Our towels also have the property to dry much faster than regular cotton towels - three to four times faster. A cotton towel takes 2 to 3 hours in average to fully dry. In comparison, a sand free towel will just take 30 to 40 minutes, which is great for people on the go!


Most of our customers are amazed when they receive their Rockycay towel, open the packaging, and find a little pouch just about the size of a small book.

One of the best features of the towel is that it’s so small folded that you can carry it everywhere you go, but a the same time, it’s a full size large beach towel once you unfold it.

And don't worry, it's super easy to fold it back into its pouch bag. You won't need origami skills, as our pouches are oversized.


The towel weight is also ideal if you're an active person who carries a backpack full of gear. At just 300g in average, compared to 600g or more of a regular cotton beach towel, you can carry one or many sand-free beach towels in your bag, without adding that much weight to it.


Rockycay beach towels cost less than other overpriced beach towels. That is without compromising in quality. Our towels are made with love and care from the best materials.

We take great pride in all our products. And, if for whatever reason you'd like to return your towel, we have a hassle-free full refund policy.

Don't Choose Between Function and Style Getting a sand-free towel that actually works is fantastic, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for function. That's the balance we worked hard to achieve in our Rockycay sand-free beach towels.

We've made it our mission to design high-quality towels that still have that fun, beach, outdoorsy style. Our towels come in fade resistant bright colours that are the perfect addition to any active gear.

If you'd like more info or have any questions, please email us to We'd love to hear from you :)

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