Based in Sydney, Australia, RockyCay is a wholly Australian owned and operated business. We support our economy by employing Australians and sourcing local suppliers to run our business and operations.  

Some customers ask us where our name comes from, and more importantly, where our towels come from.

Well, RockyCay's towels are inspired by the beauty of the oceans, and so we named ourselves after one of the most gorgeous paradise islands in the Caribbean - Rocky Cay.  We were so impressed with this amazing place on a scuba diving trip, that we decided to use its name for our business, and as ongoing inspiration for our towel designs.

Our philosophy is to offer towels that are not only beautiful and coastal inspired but top quality.  That's why our bathroom towels are made to perfection in South America (yes, in a beautiful Caribbean city) from premium materials, including organic cottons sourced from Turkey and other premium cotton growers.

RockyCay beach towels are designed with practicality in mind. Sand-free, fast-drying, anti-bacterial and compact. We ourselves are beach lovers and know that there is nothing more annoying than a big, wet, heavy towel, using all of the beach bag space. Our towels dry very fast and fold small. They're also made from anti-bacterial materials to prevent germs, mould and damp smells.

We also love the beach and the oceans.  The water, swimming, diving, surfing.  That's why we are doing our bit by committing 5% of our profits to supporting organisations that help with ocean conservation projects. We currently provide donations to WWF-Australia who is working to halt and reverse the decline of species and the health of reef ecosystems in the Great Barrier Reef, while reducing the impact of climate change.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our website, and we hope that you now know a bit more about RockyCay's story.